“What’s in it For Me?” Campaign

Although the newly redesigned Weil Vitamin Advisor has been working very well, we found that something was missing in the personalized plan portion. On the recommendation page, where customers see the supplements suggested just for them, the pills themselves lacked some pop, especially considering some competitor’s presentations. The solution was simple...simplification. As it stood, viewers had to “read” into each pill to discern its unique benefit. That’s all very scientific (yawn) and of course quite necessary. But sometimes it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.

That said, I set about solving the problem with taking the “at-a-glance” approach. Putting myself in consumers’ shoes, because I wear them regularly, my attention is being vied for more and more. As a result, we’ve become very selective in what we focus on. And that focus only lasts a few seconds. Add to the equation that we’re highly all visual. So, don't waste my time and show/tell me right off the bat, “what’s in it for me?” And a campaign was born.

Any good creative loves a good double entendre, and that catchy title had lots of legs. So, in addition to matching each supplement to an immediately recognizable visual of one of its primary components, I put on my copywriting hat and spelled it all out, in a whimsical way. Punchy and to the point was the general theme. If the customer wants to know what’s in it for them (the plan, the vitamins, the product in general), we can answer the question in a variety of ways. Now it's become sort of a supplement facts cheat sheet, utilized for informational and marketing purposes, that you can view here.

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