Performance Matters

You know the old adage, “Only half of our advertsing works. We just don't know which half.” Not so true anymore. Thanks to the internet, we can measure everything. It's a blessing and a curse for creatives, however, because the unfortunate truth is that the best work isn't always the most effective. And now we have the analytics to prove it.

This entry is not so much a case study as a general acknowledgement. We’re not married to metrics. But performance matters, you can't argue with the numbers and the bottom line is the bottom line. That's why it's always nice when solid work also performs well, as with this Black Friday/Cyber Monday marketing campaign for the Weil Vitamin Advisor. So, with the help of some banners (and emails and a popup or two) we had a banner Cyber Monday in 2016...the company’s best ever!

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