Denise Austin

Although, as of late, Denise Austin's fitness offerings mostly live online (site content, videos, etc.) she has diversified even further in her long career and made her guidance available in e-books/PDFs as well. As a more portable and eco-friendly alternative to conventional books, these new products have become popular. My task for the design and layout of each was to align with her brand by supporting her message of encouragement and positivity with the look and feel. At the same time, the various content needed to be presented in a simple, utilitarian style. That balance was achieved in the longer format books along with the shorter, upsell items.

Stop The Clock Workout Plan
Shape, Strengthen & Sculpt Plan
Stop The Clock Nutrition Plan
7-Day Booty Blaster Guide
Guide To A Heart Healthy Life
Head-To-Toe Toning Guide
1-Day Meal Guide

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